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Now operated as Temporary Lodging, the Altes Brauhaus dates to the mid-1800’s when the original structures and facilities were first operated as the local brewery and village tavern.  Historical references can be found in both the community archives and the local church chronicles.


The first mention of the brewery is found in the village church chronicle dated March 1854 naming master brewer Heinrich Ohlenforst as the owner and founder.   The tavern, on the other hand, is first mentioned in the in the community archives dated August 1861.  It is uncertain when the brewing operations ceased, although it is believed to have been during or after World War II.  The tavern, however, operated continuously until the mid-1990’s and was the focal point of village life.








It is believed ownership of the brewery passed to Lambert Ohlenforst around 1902 and eventually to the following persons:  Karl and Gertrud Scheuvens; Heinrich and Kathe Kruekel; Herbert and Gertrud Jansen; Josef and Hedwig Netten; Willi and Kikki Hendrix; and finally to its current owners.


With the arrival of the AWACS aircraft and personnel, the Altes Brauhaus slowly evolved into the temporary lodging business hosting newly assigned military members and their families.

The Altes Brauhaus no longer operates the restaurant or tavern although the former bar area now serves as a great room for all guests and is equipped with comfortable seating, fireplace, and flat-screen television.  Relax and enjoy complimentary soft drinks, coffee/tea, or beer on tap.


Altes Brauhaus

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  • Television
  • Coffee Maker


  • Car Rental
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Self-Service Bar

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