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Altes Brauhaus Temporary Lodging
Spring Promotion

Book Now and Receive 10-Day Free Car Rental!

Details & Restrictions:

  • Minimum 10-Night stay required.
  • Must be 21 or over.
  • Must hold valid driver's license.
  • Credit Card required.
  • Sub-compact or compact car only.
  • Must be able to drive manual transmission.
  • Maximum 1500 Km per week.

Car rental customer responsible for:

  • Any damages to the vehicle or other property.
  • Injuries to occupants, bystanders or other drivers.
    (The Altes Brauhaus assumes no liability for damage or injury to property, persons or animals).
  • Fuel costs.
  • Traffic violations.
  • Towing or parking fees.

Rental extension beyond the original 10 days will be at customer's expense!

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